Ford FG / FGX PCM Module Relocation kit

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This kit was designed with the show car enthusiasts in mind.

One thing that has always stood out in the Falcon engine bay is the ugly PCM engine computer module that sits on the passengers side strut tower, so we developed a kit that completely removes the PCM Module from the engine bay strut tower and relocates it to behind the ABS Module. Making for an extremely clean and "show car" finish.

Utilising a sturdy Stainless steel construction, this relocation bracket is the easiest way to clean up unnecessary bulk under the bonnet.

- Full kit including Relocation Bracket and Stainless hardware.


**it is strongly advised that this kit is installed by a professional, disconnecting and relocating vital electrical components must be dealt with extreme care, any damage caused by install may result in engine/running problems. Install at your own risk.**