Ford FG / FGX Battery Relocation Kit ONLY

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Battery relocation kit includes:
- Battery relocation Tray.
- Battery Cables.
- J bolts and battery clamp.
- Bolt pack for battery relocation.

● Suits both MK1 and MK11 Ford FG and FGX Falcon, 2008 to current year models!
● Sturdy 'no weld' design battery tray with a 3 point mounting system.
● Thick and reliable factory specification battery cables with heat-shrunk protected terminal connections.
● Will fit both highly modified and stock standard vehicles.
● Full kit, nothing else to buy.  

What are the benefits/ Why should I buy one?   

This kit is recommended to be installed by professionals but it is quite simple and straight forward to install with a few hours to yourself and a shed full of basic tools. 
The kit comes complete with every and all parts necessary to complete a full battery relocation on your vehicle.