Ford Falcon Header Tank Delete Thermostat Housing

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This kit was designed with the show car enthusiasts in mind.

One thing that has always stood out in the Falcon engine bay is the ugly green/red coolant header tank that sits on the drivers side strut tower, so we developed a kit that completely removes the header tank from the engine bay. Making for an extremely clean and "show car" finish.

Utilising a Billet thermostat housing and billet filler neck this kit looks fantastic without standing out and gracefully retains the factory OEM styling.

- Full kit including blanking plugs, housing and stainless hardware.
- 2 Fitting Types Standard hose type or AN Fittings type.
- Powder coated Matte black
- Stant Recovery style 21 - 25 PSI Racing radiator cap


**Although we haven't had any problems with kits we have sold to daily users in the past it is up to the customers own discretion if they want to install this kit on there daily driven/drag/race car as we advise against it and recommend this kit for cars with little use / weekend cruisers / show cars.