FG/FGX Fuse Box Relocation kit

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Purely designed for the ultimate show car engine bays! The FG/FGX fuse box relocation kit is the show car engine bay clean up dream!

Really trying to clean up the engine bay? Ever hated to look of the factory fuse box? Thinking of re painting the engine bay and don't want the fuse box getting in the way of the look of your fresh new paint job?

This is a super simple and clean kit that relocates the fuse box from its factory position to down under the drivers side headlight, behind the factory bumper bar cover.


*Please note that this kit is absolutely not recommended for daily/street cars. Purely for Motorsport use only. Relocation the fuse box is not Street Legal nor is it practical for street use.*


*Modifying the factory electrical harness is strictly to be only attempted by a professional. The electrical system is vital to the cars functionality and if done incorrectly can cause multiple issues and render your car immobile.**


*Mackielec holds absolutely no responsibility for any incorrect install process' or any damage that may occur doing so. We will not be providing any install instructions to the general public due to the risks involved when doing this relocation. For any Workshops with the necessary qualifications that require install instructions please contact us and we will provide info needed to install.*