Falcon Radiator Conversion Suit Nissan GQ Patrol

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Direct bolt in Radiator conversion to suit the ever popular Nissan GQ Patrols!

Absolutely ideal to use when doing a Barra Conversion, considering the radiator is designed specifically for the engine the efficiency  of the cooling system is almost doubled.

Gives you the ability to run the twin thermo direct bolt on fan shroud that The Ford Falcons use, which are known for the unreal cooling ability's!

Not to mention the cost of replacement for a Falcon Radiator is near $300 vs a new GQ rad thats nearing $800 these days.

Allows the use of the some factory ac condensers (not all as we have noticed there a multiple different condensers used in the GQ Model)

If using the Factory GQ steering box and the engine is positioned correctly oem Ford Falcon Fg Radiator hoses can be used with little to no modifications!

Complete bolt in kit absolutely no modifications needed to fit the radiator conversion at all.


Kit Includes:

- Upper rad mount with rubber Isolators

- Lower Rad Mount with rubber isolators


*re use your factory radiator lower rubber isolators