Ford BA / BF Turboside Intake & Battery Relocation Kit

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Checkout our full Install guide here!:

(Note Video is to suit F Series Falcon, But the install process is similar)

Turbo side kit includes:
- Air box.
- Silicone joiner & 304 Stainless steel pipe.
- Genuine K&N filter.
- Plumb back hose for rocker cover breather.
- Hose clamps.
- Blow off valve blocking bung.

Battery relocation kit includes:
- Battery relocation Tray.
- Battery Cables.
- J bolts and battery clamp.
- Bolt pack for both intake and battery relocation.

● Suits both MK1 and MK11 Ford BA and BF Falcon.
● Quality 4" Stainless Intake pipe and silicone joiner.
● All box sets are raw 2mm aluminium that will not rust but more than welcome to paint if you wish.
● Sturdy 'no weld' design battery tray with a 3 point mounting system.
● Genuine massive 7" K and N pod filter.
● Thick and reliable factory specification battery cables with heat shrunk protected terminal connections.
● Will fit both highly modified and stock standard vehicles.
● PLEASE NOTE AFTERMARKET INTERCOOLER AND PIPING IS REQUIRED, There will be no refunds given if you do not read this add fully!
● Full kit, nothing else to buy.  

What are the benefits/ Why should I buy one?
The biggest and most noticeable gain is the unbelievable spool and induction noise!  
Both turbocharger dose and turbocharger spool noise is increased and very audible! Although this kit is recommended to be installed by professionals, it is quite simple and straight forward to install with a few hours to yourself and a shed full of basic tools.
The kit comes complete with every and all parts necessary to complete a full air box and battery relocation on your vehicle. Reduces the intake temperatures as the intake no longer has to travel over the top of a hot engine before entering turbocharger.  Which can also aid in reducing the dreaded intercooler heat soak.

These kits have been proven with back to back Dyno runs with over a 15RWKW Gain!  As well as spool speed increased along with slight torque increase as well.

** Please note, if your car has previously been Flash Tuned we recommend getting a retune to confirm health of the intake and fuel system.  If your car is factory or stock you wont need a tune after installing.**