SOHC & Barra Flywheel/Flexplate Bolt Retainer Kit

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Forever taking your transmission out to rectify the Flywheel/Flexplate bolts always rattling loose?

Hearing that horrible flexplate/Flywheel rattle?

Well no more do you need to worry about loose bolts with our new flywheel bolt retainer kit!

- Completely bolt on

- Absolutely no welding required

- 24 point design to easily suit all bolt orientations 

- Suits both manual and auto transmissions (make sure to select the correct bolt part number to suit the correct retainer)

- Will only work with ARP Bolt Part No. 203-2802

 * Please note if your flywheel/flexplate has recessed holes for the bolts this retainer will not fit.*

** This add is for the Retainer only. BOLTS ARE NOT INCLUDED  **

 ***  Please note, this kit will not work with factory flex plate, only aftermarket flex plates that are a minimum 10mm think steel.  ***