BA - FGX Falcon Sedan Rear Control Blade Spacer Kit

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Wanting to fit wheels with an offset thats +40mm or more? 

These spacers are a must! 

We have designed this complete bolt on kit to sit between the rear control blade and hub assembles to gain an extra 11mm of offset room on your falcon!

As a rough guide we were able to run a 20x10.5 +45 offset wheel on the rear of our shop fg sedan and had no other mods aside from these spacers to fit them!

This kit includes 2 CNC Cut Spacers and 6 High Tensile bolts and washers.

*Please ensure these will suit your application as Mackielec Industries will not be held responsible for any incorrect wheel fitment issues.*

*Mackielec Industries does not offer any wheel fitment advice, we are not a wheel or tyre supply shop.  Please confirm with your wheel supplier for fitment.*