Barra Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit

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Sick of that cold start exhaust leak? Tightening your exhaust bolts every other week? We know the feels and are well over it too!

Now with this stud kit you'll never have to tighten an exhaust bolt on your falcon again!

Kit contains:

12x Stainless Steel studs.

12x Stainless Steel lock nuts.

12x nord lock washers.


They have a machined Allen keyway in the head of the stud for ease of installation, making install in most cases as simple as unscrewing your exhaust bolt, using an allen key to screw in the stud, slip on the washer and tighten down the nut!

We have used these on ours and other cars making 1000HP+ with absolutely no nuts coming loose!

Suits All Barra Falcons from BA to FGX.

Torque Spec of nut is 27NM.

*We recommend a small dab of Anti-Seize thread lubricant on each stud before screwing into the head to avoid binding etc*