Ford Barra Power steering Bottle Relocation Kit

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Stuck for intake piping clearance past the power steering pump now that you have upgraded to a high mount Turbo setup?

Hate the look of the factory power steering bottle?

Just want to neaten up the whole look of your falcon?

Well here is the perfect kit for you!


With a fully tig welded aluminium reservoir, custom fittings and hose lengths pree cut, this is a complete bolt on kit with absolutely no cutting or modifying at all of anything!

Reservoir is a sheet metal design that is internally baffled for high g force events and drag racing, also includes a breather hole to allow pressure to bleed off if necessary.

Pump fitting all designed in house, its a billet cnc machined and anodised in a robust black finnish. fitting will clear all turbo combos. including GTX55 Pro mod turbo on a Pro Mod Style Manifold.

Bottle is relocated away from all heat sources and up next to the brake booster !


This kit will bolt directly to a BA, BF and Mk1 FG Falcons. This will also fit MK2 FG and FGX falcons but a Ba pump will need to be fitted. 

*This kit does not replace the high pressure line or move the pump itself, it ONLY relocated the bottle of the pump. pump is required to be removed to fit this kit.*

*Add does not include Power Steering Fluid*